Update 5/25/23 FDLog3 155m Release Candidate 7, probably the last before FD.

Update 3/17/2023 FDLog is posted, this is the first public release of FDLog for Python 3. Many improvements. Feedback to w6akb at arrl dot net. is the last Python 2 version.

Update 3/2023 added note below on making Python 2 programs run properly after installing Python 3. This applies to any Python 2 program and it allows older versions of FDLog to continue to be used. The Python 3 version of FDLog is in testing now, release will be soon.

UPDATE 2/2023 the Google Site was taken offline by Google. We are working to restore some of the functionality they threw away in their upgrade process. The new Python3 version of FDLog is in testing now and will be released soon.

NEWS UPDATE, as of 2016 the Google Code site is frozen, they have discontinued the service.

For the time being new versions will be here, I may move to another hosting site later.

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