FDLog 153c and 153d beta versions released

Post date: Jun 29, 2016 12:38:29 AM

Hope everyone had a great ARRL Field Day last weekend. The higher bands didn't work for us, but 40 and 20 were good.

Our Field Day group used 153c on field day a few days ago, and it performed well. There are a lot of changes since the previous release.  The biggest is a new parser that allows field entry in arbitrary order, plus there is a new graphical startup so you don't have to answer questions in the diagnostic window. See the release notes for details.

There were a couple of minor bugs relating to spaces in comment fields found in 153c-beta that are fixed in 153d-beta. It has not been tested beyond verifying those bugs. I would recommend downloading both versions and using the 'd' version. If a problem occurs backup to the 'c' version to see if it is related to the last changes.