FDLog GPS Clock

In 2014 I created an Arduino based GPS Clock for FDLog. The goal was to get millisecond level time for FDLog with a simple USB based project. Based on a Teensy 2.0 and Adafruit GPS module and displays, it connects and powers via USB returns GPS time to the millisecond to a simple serial request.  A circuit board was designed and software written to drive several displays as well as answer the USB query. This clock has been in service since 2014, and FDLog has the code in it since then to look for the serial device and use it for synchronizing the time in all the FDLog programs running across the Field Day site. Below is a link to the Google Document on the clock hardware and the available PC board to make it  a simple project. This is a great clock but we are moving to NTP to synchronize the times of all our machines. This not only helps the logging software but also helps digital mode programs like FT8. See our article on making your own portable field NTP server at our Field Day Group website www.hsfdg.org. We use Meinberg FTP on our client machines to synchronize the time from our NTP servers in the field and at home.